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National Membership unlocks the door to ATHS Chapter membership. Become a member of the American Truck Historical Society and begin receiving the ATHS bi-monthly magazine Wheels of Time and Show Time, an annual full-color publication of the antique trucks  registered in our National Antique Truck Show. For more information on national membership go to

The Central California Chapter ATHS is a part of the national ATHS and chapter membership requires national membership. The chapter membership has an annual meeting and puts on an annual truck show. Chapter members also receive a quarterly newsletter.

  • Yearly Chapter Dues $15.00 via Check and Postal Mail
  • OR $17.00 via Online Credit Card Subscription
  • Renewal date Dec. 31 each year

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The Central California Chapter ATHS is a part of the National ATHS and chapter membership requires a national membership to be in good standing which is also available online.

OR print, fill out, address and mail the new member application along with your $15 check: pdf-icon-small

Please make checks payable to: ATHS Central California Chapter

Mail to:

ATHS Central California Chapter
4435 N. First St. #143
Livermore, CA 94550-2215

The Chapter’s Annual Truck Shows are currently held at the Plymouth Fairgrounds, 18621 Sherwood St. Plymouth, CA 95669. Chapter meeting locations change and are announced ahead of time in the newsletters.